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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Emory Healthcare Virtual Desktop (VDT)

Emory Healthcare Virtual Desktop (VDT)

Emory Healthcare Virtual Desktop provides secure access to many of the applications and data available to you on the EMORY HEALTHCARE network via your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer).
Login to VDT using your EMORYHEALTHCARE network ID and password. Contact your Access Coordinator if you have not been given an ID. If you've forgotten either your ID or your password, contact the 8-HELP Call Center.

Go to the Virtual Desktop Login Screen
Using VDT

There are two ways to launch the Emory Healthcare Virtual Desktop (VDT):
1) using the EHC Virtual Desktop icon that has been added to Emory Healthcare managed desktops or
2) by starting Internet Explorer and going to the Virtual Desktop web page -

This is the initial login screen. Any informational or error messages will be displayed in the section of the window labeled Message Center (lower right portion of the window). If you see the symbol in the message area, read the message first before trying to login.
To login, enter your Emory Healthcare network login ID in the username field. Type the password for that ID in the password field and then click the Log In button.
Note: If you have not been given your network login ID, check with your department's Access Coordinator.
If you've forgotten your password:
  • you can run the password reset tool if you are trying to use VDT from a computer on the Emory Healthcare network. There's a link to the password reset tool in the "Application Quick Links" section on the left side of the intranet home page.
  • you must call the 8-HELP Call Center if you are not trying to access VDT from a computer on the Emory Healthcare network.
Once your password is reset, you can login to VDT.
Note: the first time you access the virtual desktop from your home computer, you will likely see the symbol in the Message Center. Be sure to read the message any time you see this symbol.
This time, the message indicates you do not have the needed "Metaframe Presentation Server Client" installed on your computer.
Before you click on the link to install the client, be sure to ensure your system meets the minimum requirements.
Detailed installation information...
Once logged in, you will see an icon for each of the applications to which you have been granted access. Application icons are presented in alphabetical order. An example screen is shown here, but your screen will likely be different (have a different set of application icons on it).
Click on the application's icon to start that application.
When you click on the icon, you only have to click once. These icons are on a web-based view; they're not Windows desktop icons.
When you do click on the application icon, you should notice a "Citrix MetaFrame" window pop up. If the application doesn't start and you didn't see this window, click the application icon again.
You should be aware that there is a timeout limit set for your virtual desktop session. If you are accessing VDT from a computer within the Emory Healthcare network, your session will remain active for two hours. Your VDT session will remain active for twenty minutes if you are accessing it from a computer outside the Emory Healthcare network.
This session timeout does not apply to any application you might be running within the VDT. That is, if you are in an application when the VDT session times out, you won't be timed out of that application. Any application timeout that might exist is set within the application.
More information about using specific applications via the Virtual Desktop:

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